Food allergies are on the rise. Delaying introduction of common allergens may increase the chance of allergies. Your best bet is to offer them early and often. We are here to help make this easier! 

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When should I use the First Tastes Kit?

This kit is appropriate for anyone who has yet to introduce these common allergens into their diet.  Ideally however, the introduction of common food allergens should not be delayed beyond 6 months of age.

What do you mean by regular consumption? How often should I be offering common allergens?

3-4 times a week

Is the kit appropriate for us if we have already reacted to other allergens? How do you manage cross contamination?

If you have concern of a potential allergy or issue with the foods within the kit, please contact your doctor/allergist before consuming. 

The products within the kit are produced in a peanut free facility and extreme care is taken to avoid cross contamination between products. Only one nut/seed is blended each day and equipment is cleaned thoroughly before the next use.

What inspired the development of your products?

When introducing common food allergens to my son, he reacted to peanuts, pecans and walnuts, who would have known!  We have no food allergies in the family. Luckily we were diligent in introducing everything early and learned of these allergies. Due to this we were able to see an allergist right away and with her guidance take him to do oral food challenges for each of these allergens.  Even with positive skin prick tests and antibodies present in his blood work, we learned through the challenges that he was able to handle eating these foods at this time.  His ability to now eat these foods regularly helps protect him from future issues with these foods. 

Both the First Tastes Kit and our Wholesome blends are products inspired by the issues with my son. When I found myself cracking open macadamia nuts in my garage one night, I realized there needed to be an easier way to track down tree nut and seed butters with care taken to avoid cross contamination.  After finding products I love and feed to my own kids daily, I wanted to share them with other families too. Hope you enjoy :)


None of the products offered by Roslyn's Real foods are intended for the purpose of allergy testing. If you have concern of a potential allergy or issue, please contact your doctor before consuming.